is everything crazy? yes. it’s all crazy.

tom petty said the waiting is the hardest part and because he said it in a song it should be believed more than if he just blogged it.

ive never given birth before but i have heard of some expectant moms say how the last part is so hard. so annoying. so frustrating.

and any Cub fan of a certain age knows a thing or two about waiting and the fear that floats into ones head that it just aint gonna happen.

but we also know how sweet it is when it does all come true.

i would never lie to you.

my baby is having a hard time staying in the house. she is a wild horse. we live in a small pad. it was not built for two people. it was created for young doctors to eat sleep and study in as they went through their first years a nearby hospital. it’s quaint. but it has heat and running water.

my sink is so old it has two spigots. a word that deserves a better word.

are we losing our minds looking at each other every day? yes.

is there a way out of this madness?


and we are on that path right now.

hang on sloopy

hang on.