things close things open things spread things dead

there was a shootout at the local grocery store last week. people died.

it can happen no matter how great or not great the neighborhood.

all of a sudden a bullet slides into your DMs and its hi st peter

so today we were gonna go to catalina but she changed her mind so its malibu, land of ten thousand wakes

we saw this doc last night about twins who found out they were triplets

fascinating though immoral insight into nature vs nurture. whats weird is they use Donahue clips from an episode i remember seeing at like 10 years old

where separated at birth triplets are reunited 20 years later and they look and act the same

and i was, even at that young age, all, well i guess it doesnt matter if you work out or study or try to better yourself, you’re actually not driving the car, you’re at disneyland and youre on a track, you have no free will. but what was good about this doc, if you can swim your way through the muck to get to the finish line is that aha you do have free will, fantastic talk shows from the 70s and early 80s dont know everything.

theres more to the story. these tracks are suggestions. life isnt disneyland. you actually omg can be a triplet and have unique thoughts and depending on who raised you *does* affect how you view the world

and if you are lucky enough to have had an educated, independent and loving mom like me, things like respecting women, reading, researching, and being a good neighbor are requirements, not bonuses.

theres a slow train coming, y’all.

so this day may change a bit more as it goes which is cool because do you know how many times ive done that to others, including to myself.

fuckit maybe we will just go to disneyland and call it a day