the streets were empty so we just drove

south this time because we had been everywhere.

the sun was there thanks to daylight savings

and there was no traffic because of a virus that gets in your lungs

and kills you.

at first they thought only people in their 80s were dying

but then younger and younger people were getting it

and dying and dying and dying

so they shut down everything. everything.

you cant eat in the restaurants any more but you can drive through or pick up. just go.

south we went.

we’re trying to go south to tj but my passport refuses to show up.

amber got hers last week which is nuts because we renewed ours at the same place at the same time on the same day on the same order.

we want to go down there to get her insulin and any other drugs she needs for her diabetes

cant even get clorox wipes up here, the fear is insulin might be scarce one day

if the mexicans are smart, which they are, theyd jack up the prices a little

cuz they know we are terrified. theres a costco in tijuana.

people are flooding there from san diego to get tp and other things that are out of stock in san diego

im tempted to go there for that stuff too but i dont wanna cross the border with my car. i just want to get there early in the morning, walk across. get the shit. come back.

wrote a little about my old pal nate, and then he wrote 10 movie suggestions for things to watch while on lock down.

im busier than ever on lock down.

today is just wednesday.