R.I.P. Spaceland

One of LA’s premiere places to experience live music, especially up n coming new alternative bands, is changing its name and moving away.

Spaceland, the Silver Lake mainstay that helped launched the likes of Beck, Silversun Pickups, Arcade Fire, Eliot Smith, and Tsar, is ending its longrunning partnership with the owner of the former strip club, changing its name and moving – possibly to Downtown LA.

“It just reached a point where it was time for us to move on,” Promoter Mitchell Frank said in a written statement. “We’ve had some incredible musical moments here; people met, fell in love, started life-long friendships, but it’s just time for a change.”

The nondescript club on Silver Lake Blvd. was so cool and cozy and perfect that big named groups would often play there for special events. Bands like Weezer and The Foo Fighters had the hipsters lined up around to jam into the 250 capacity club.

But the best shows were seeing a band new band hit the stage and break through to the next level, and often Spaceland was the stage where the magic would happen.

The new club will play electronica.

I weep for those who never had the chance to see Spaceland the way I did. But maybe they will be better off for it will be damn near impossible to replicate that very special LA landmark.

had such a good time at the Fun show last night at Spaceland

fun at spaceland

i have more photos that are about to come back from the drug store.

before the gig we ate tacos at Los Burritos in echo park and while i was asking for extra chips, my truest slipped into the liquor store next door and came out with a four pack of bartles and james. love her.

meantime, were you aware that the hills of LA are on fire?

katfran is.

if i still loved you, blog,

id give you the best picture i took this week which was when patience from the grates was talking with annie of giant drag.

click here for to make big.

do you know how in love with patience i was by the end of the first song?

so in love i didnt even notice annies knee his until i uploaded the pictures that night.

i dont know where the grates are going, but when they come back to your town you really need to see them.

you might also want to get their cd.

courtney said kurdt liked to make lists so heres the list of the top thirteen best cds of 2006 so far, in pretty much order although the top six could be moved around a little because theyre all perfect records.

usually theres only one or two perfect records in a year.

1. the grates – gravity wont get you high

2. the format – dog problems

3. the go! team – thunder, lightning, strike

4. sonic youth – rather ripped

5. christina aguilera – back to basics

6. wolfmother – wolfmother

7. the submarines – declare a new state

8. the bronx – the bronx

9. scissor sisters – ta-dah!

10. guster – ganging up on the sun

11. nouvelle vogue – bande a part

12. el presidente – el presidente

13. blood brothers – love rhymes with hideous car wreck