i say live your life

i say if you wanna cheat at Mario Bros, then thats you

i say if you wanna drive like an asshole, do it

i mean it’s tougher to be nice to people and polite and let people get in front of you on a crowded LA street during rush hour

trying to get from west LA under the 405 to the east side

and a real superhero would be able to do it with good tunes bumpin

hand holdin

speaker phoning

but others wanna honk and flash and throw up the middle fingers.

what can i do.

this guy wasnt paying attention and  tried to make it through the intersection over by the VA

but nope, nothing was moving so he ended up blocking traffic.

this other guy couldnt get around him so he started honking.

first guy goes, what am i supposed to do?

honker yells dont be a moron next time.

which doesn’t really make sense because…

and i had the sun roof open and now i see a little color on my bald head which is funny.

and almost exactly what summer is supposed to be.