you should always try

be creative. be bold. be brave. be strong.

if you want a floating dining room, make a floating dining room.

if you want to make beautiful things that your giant audience will love: make those things.

if you want to express yourself — or better yet, express the feelings of others who have a hard time doing so: do so.

yes you will be stopped. yes people will get in your way.

life is a Super Mario Brothers game that would not be fun at all if there weren’t obstacles and hidden traps and crazy shit getting flown at you

no one is buying the video game A Walk in the Park

unless theres something scary up in the trees or behind the bench or in the lake.

we are here to overcome objections. we are here to lead by example. we are here to show the doubters that

of course this cool thing can be done.

build your floating dining room of love.

let the basics make the basic things, because at least they made something.