drove to beverly hills to finish up some tax stuff

but my lady didnt think i was coming, so it was a wasted trip in a way.

so i drove towards Venice because i havent seen Mary but she said shes working

it was also sooo overcast i decided i didnt wanna go to venice, so i turned right on 20th street got to Wilshire, turned right again and treated myself to Kanpai for lunch.

the lunch is still gonna cost you $30 but it seriously is the best sushi in town

even if youre sitting at a little table on the sidewalk with cars honking and crazy people waltzing by.

i hadnt actually driven-driven in a while. so it was nice to get out.

amber and i had a little route when we went on drives, so i made sure not to go thataway

not because of anything other than i need to do new things now

its amazing how routine things can get after four years, even the way you drive to the beach

and as much as my brain tries to tell me to only think of negative things about her, i did love her and one of the things i loved the most was she was totally cool with just hopping in the car and driving with me to anywhere and nowhere because there was no such thing as nowhere because she knew this town as good as i did

yesterday i went to my audio editors house for a tutorial on the podcast equipment

then he gave me a mic and told me where to go to get a cord and a stand. i went. it was great.

i redecorated my room a little.

tomorrow i need to clean up the living room and bathroom because i am doing my first podcast. it’s the guy who yells at the cops.

i said your place or mine he said yours! great. did not expect that, but it’s probably a good idea to have this set up for podcasts in case the guest doesnt want me at their crib.

the sushi was so good i thought about it for hours after.

had sushi with A’magine

we talked about forgiveness

she was all, im for it!

i was like, im against it!

she said wait what

i said im half scorpio, youre all scorpio — i thought this was a scorpio thing?

she said, nope it’s a dumb thing.

i said wait what

she said yeah let it go, you dont think i had a good reason to be pissed forever at some people?

the sushi joint we were at was actually really delicious and had beautiful outdoor dining on the sidewalk

dogs were lounging on the fake grass

my man david undercoffler strolled by and introduced us to his beautiful wife

it was a perfect night.

got all my steps in.