serena williams yesterday was the one year anniversary of the first time that i ever emailed ashley to try to win her attention. who knew it’d work?

my hope was that she would like Tsar and tell all her friends about it and Tsar would be huge. kinda like what happens with the roach motel, except nicer.

despite was Chris says, i think Mariah was terriffic yesterday on Ally McBeal.

and poor Anna. Serena (pictured) kicked her ass 6-2, 4-6, 6-3 in Australia but at least she won one match so right on Anna. we’re rooting for you.

tonight i will work out and people ask me all the time why im working out, how much does it cost, do i like my gym? all that stuff, but the best question that i have been asked lately is “what’s in your gym bag?”

+ 1 pair of clean tube socks

+ 1 pair of clean boxers

+ 1 pair of flip-flops

+ 1 knit cap

+ 1 dumb t-shirt

the clothes are for afterwards, so that i have some nice clothes to wear home. the knit cap is so i dont catch a cold with my wet hair afterwards. the flip flops are to protect me from athlete’s foot in the locker room, sauna, and shower.

i have so much to tell you, but theres work to do and i’m mourning Dave Thomas’s demise. my mom loved Wendy’s. i’ll call her today and see if she still does. Dave was tossed around several foster homes. he had a sad childhood. all i can say is, thanks for the square hamburgers. they were good. and Dave seemed real nice.

In other news, Michael Jordan is about to get divorced. even though i don’t believe in divorce, I don’t think his wife, Juanita, should get half of what he’s worth. she never made a free throw in her life and she gets $100 million? sad thing is, all those rumors about MJ being a playa seem true now. good thing my heroes are not athletes, but our military personnel who defend our freedoms. they never disappoint me.