cubs swept the dodgers

began the day awkwardly.

then i was told i would be having guests in 30 minutes who wanted things.

they arrived, i gave them what they were looking for.

worked. rested. worked. took a walk.

weird thing about LA right now is all the busses are unofficially free because of COVID.

since im vaccinated i wouldnt mind riding the bus all day but im working now.

so when i get my steps in im always looking over my shoulder to see if the bus is coming so i can ride it and take a load off.

passed a woman yelling at her empty crack pipe.

saw a car accident.

then hung out at my local bodega i guess youd call it and talked with the cashier lady, Rose, and the older guy who tells jokes all day, George

i told George i wanted to get him on Tik Tok bc who knows he might turn into a star.

then i told him with the money i would buy him a big tv to stream all the documentaries he likes

George sits by the door of the store and reads the paper when he isnt telling everyone jokes.

he said he wasnt interested in tv.

i said imma get you one bigger than this security monitor – which is about 40 inches.

he said he likes his walls empty

so i told him i was going to give him a small projector that he could hook up to his phone

he laughed because he has no phone.

then i cooked and watched the cubs and as it was going on

this beautiful woman from my past

way out of my league even back then

type of woman a rock star with excellent taste in fashion would have dated

texted me a whole list of wonderful compliments

and reminded me that i used to have bible study with her

“you showed me the most glorious form of Christianity I’ve ever seen. You are such an amazing steward of that religion,” she said.

usually im glad i have no long term memory but now im wondering what the heck were our conversations about the good book? and how is it an atheist would have liked what i said?

anyway it made my day and then the cubs won in extras.

tomorrow i talk to my shrink.

maybe about the mean texts i got earlier in the day.