theres these dudes who park on my street

i dont like what they do.

they have a huge truck that wont fit if you try to park it on their block.

so there’s one spot on my block that it’ll fit.

on street cleaning day they magically figure out where to put it but the next day they camp out on my street

all creepy like

sitting in their car

drinking beer in the back seat

just waiting for whoever parked in that spot to come and take their vehicle away

then they bring the truck over and leave it there all week.

now why would that irritate me?

i only have one car.

we have plenty of parking on my block.

i am a generous man about so many things, why does this get under my skin?

today i saw the spot was open and i was so tempted to just drive my car over and park it there for a few days

maybe the rudest thing i could do

why would i even be tempted?

why is it in my head?

is that the devil?

gotta be.