fifteen years of the busblog, just warming up

face paintthe problem with this blog is it rests on its laurels.

the problem with this blog is it has very few laurels.

just because you do something every day doesnt mean its any good.

some couples stay together their whole lives and the whole time it was a poor example

i dont want this to be a poor example.

for most of my life, i repped a baseball team that was a poor example.

one reason i worked hard on the marching band and the nexus and my install business and lick magazine and buzznet and LAist and the LA Times was because the love of my life the chicago cubs was a poor example and it felt super gross to think that it meant that I was a poor example, a loser, a fraud, a nothing. and worse, a lie.

nothing in here is true isnt an excuse its a license to, ironically, keep it real.

and if i had one regret about the last 15 years it is that this very blog has not kept it real for a very long time.

strangely, even though he lies more than ive ever seen, donald trump also keeps it real more than pretty much anyone other than howard stern and my cats.

i have one cat who does not want me to pet her, does not care for my brand of comedy, and if the kitty litter is not up to her standards she will shit wherever she damn well pleases

she keeps it real until the problem is solved.

i love her for that.

i want to love this.

i have so much love inside, but i can’t honestly say that i love what has gone down here in the last few years. obama fro

with that said, i feel good about the future.

i feel free.

for some reason God has decided to keep me healthy and i should do something with that blessing.

i want to do something good for others.

living in LA you see two things

  1. unbelievable wealth
  2. crazy poverty

in a weird way the wealth is good for those of us who don’t have it because it helps us have a goal

even if it is hugely unlikely that any of us will ever live in the hollywood hills or beachside malibu, it’s nice to know that Some of the people there never thought theyd be there neither, and oftentimes what they did to get there wasn’t outrageous illegal immoral or due to genes or luck.

oftentimes creativity, practice, and coming from the heart is all it took.

however once you’re there, then what? once these people have hit it big and done their thing and their kids have grown up, whats the next step?

for all the people i admire the next stem is almost exclusively: help others.

im no scientist but i bet that the chemicals that are released when you give to someone and see how much they love it, live in a totally unique part of the brain.

i think this because when i have that beautiful rush that we all get when we give, it feels like nothing else.

the last girl i kissed is a fantastic kisser with a ridiculous body, but i gave a small bag of hashbrowns to a poor person last week and that feeling was better.

its shocking to experience because tv magazines movies no one prepares you for that.

they all tell us its about sex drugs square footage.

for some of us, it’s about the opposite.

welcome to the age

of the opposite.