on my birthday the replacements are re-releasing an early record

and they’re young and sloppy and drunk and so fun.

it reminded me of this crazy podcast

the replacements werent trying to be arena rockers.

they were just being themselves.

i should just keep being more and more myself.

stop thinking about having millions of people listen

just do the things.

have fun.

play the small clubs and parties

before you know it youll be on saturday night live

soon to be banned for life.

if the life of your thing could be counted in weeks

then you should be lucky if one freaking person is paying attention.

thats what sorry ma means to me.

full weekend. too full to write

coulter reading

friday i MCed the SW Lauden Replacements-inspired mystery novel short story collection

did i know what i was doing? do i ever?

most of life is being on time.

the rest is being black and proud.

i was incredible. the writers/readers were too.

we even had a guy who skyped in from Scotland to read.

turned out it was his idea, he got the book deal, and it wouldnta happened without him.

also his story was great.

afterwards some of our friends played replacements songs and it was beautiful

weird thing about my friends: we all love the Replacements soooooo much, but for some reason it’s like an unspoken rule that you dont cover them you dont sing them at hootenannys and you dont really even talk about them very much

but when this book came out i guess a few of them were all, lets learn some tunes and rock that shit

it was dylan, greg and marko

marko was a local santa barbara teen who stumbled across our friends and befriended them

he placed bass in Popsicko which was fronted by Keith Brown (RIP) who went to high school with coulter, greg, and dan

he said something really nice at the beginning, he said, a lot of these guys have known each other since freshman year of college

and a few have known each other since high school so it’s really great to be around them

because these songs mean so much to all of them.

so true. so very true.

afterwards i got a few tacos at a taco stand, then ubered for a while.

it was a good weekend.

the best part of life is never knowing what the hell

replacements shit hits the fans

my favorite record was a tape

my favorite movie had no end

my favorite book completely confuses me

my favorite team barely won

the best part of life is just rolling with it and seeing whats next.

once i met this girl who had, not the official version of my favorite tape,

but someone had made it for her and it was in her car.

and i said i love you, come with me, to the sea.

she said im taken. i said, can i have this tape then.

she said no, i love this tape.

i said look me in my eyes.

and we just looked at each other for a while.

and it was the best part of life.

the weisboss sent me a link to a paper in minnesota

tommy stinson that reports on the homecoming of former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson who’s in a new band called Guns n Roses.

Guns is playing tonight at the huge basketball arena. not exactly where you’d expect to find everyone’s favorite local punker, but you know, who really cares these days? tommy sang back up for P-Diddy in “all about the benjamins” so why not fill the boots of duff and count your thousands.

heres the story in its entirety cuz i just dont care today.

Guns ‘N Roses a fitting replacement for Stinson

Chris Riemenschneider

Star Tribune

Of all the weird rumors that surfaced about Guns ‘N Roses in the past half-decade, the one that most surprised local music fans was news that former Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson had joined the multi-platinum metal band.

That was almost three years ago, and some people still cannot believe it. Of course, that’s partly due to the fact that Axl Rose and his all-new lineup of players have only played six gigs total in that time. The proof will finally be in the cranking Thursday night, though, when the new GNR makes its debut at the Target Center with Stinson on bass.

Tommy’s addition to the band seems to fly in the face of what the Replacements were all about. The Twin Cities-reared garage band offered fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll without flashiness, concept or pretense.

However, maybe Stinson isn’t such a bad fit for GNR.

“I’m not the least bit surprised,” ex-Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg said last spring of his old bandmate’s new gig. “People don’t move to Los Angeles to be a musician or a songwriter. They go to be a star. That’s what Tommy is doing. . . . It’s what he’s always been groomed for.”

Since Stinson himself was not available for comment (no one discusses Guns ‘N Roses to the press except Axl), we decided to look to the bassist’s storied history for proof that he is GNR material:

� 1978: Tommy’s older brother, ‘Mats guitarist Bob Stinson (since deceased), threatened to beat up the 12-year-old if he didn’t learn the bass. Lesson applied: His first of many experiences with bossy bandmates would make Axl more bearable 20 years later.

� June 1980: The Replacements’ first gig was in the basement of a Minneapolis church. Lesson applied: His first of many experiences with Christ figures would make Axl more bearable 20 years later.

� Spring 1983: Stinson dropped out of the 10th grade to tour. Lesson applied: It doesn’t take a genius to gig in a rock band. Especially one that averages two gigs per year.

� 1983-85: The Replacements build a reputation for erratic, alcohol-soaked live shows, some brilliant, some notoriously sloppy. Lesson applied: GNR’s early troubles with heroin produced equally mixed results, but at least they never resorted to Jackson 5 or Yes covers.

� 1985: Like the rest of the band, Stinson allegedly doesn’t read a single sentence in the Replacements’ major-label contract with Sire. Lesson applied: So when your new boss comes around saying you can’t do any reunion gigs with your old band — as was rumored but is debunked by Westerberg — don’t ask if it’s in the contract.

� Summer 1986: Tommy stays in the Replacements after his brother is kicked out, allegedly (and thus hypocritically) for alcoholism. Lesson applied: Doesn’t seem so bad (or hypocritical) compared with Axl kicking out all of his bandmates for personality issues.

� 1990: Tommy sings lead for the first and only time on a Replacements song, “Satellite,” originally issued on the “Don’t Buy or Sell — It’s Crap” EP. The track was actually quite good. Lesson applied: It doesn’t pay to contribute your own songs to somebody else’s band.

� 1993-96: Tommy records a wildly underrated rock album with his own band, Bash & Pop, and again goes through the record-company wringer with another group, Perfect. Lesson applied: It also rarely pays when you release songs with your own band. So why not earn a regular, respectable salary and let somebody else deal with the labels, managers and botched tour plans?



Guns ‘N Roses

Opening: Mix Master Mike.

When: 7:30 p.m. Thu.

Where: Target Center, 600 1st Av. N., Mpls.

Tickets: $33.25-$63.25. 651-989-5151.

marc weisblott

late night edition,

sunset blvd

i know, dont be alarmed. and technically it’s sunday so i should be resting but i just got back from a long night of drinking and eating and being with super cool people and i never made it over to the wesssside to celebrate my work pal’s birthday, and even if i had a car, i dont think i woulda gone over there cuz i had been drinking and sometimes im a lightweight and sometimes i can do okay, but theres something about very good conversations and booze that fucks my shit up.

first party was at my attorney’s house. shes got a sprawling ranch style casa up in the hills that people gawk at when they enter. she keeps it real cool though, super comfortable. it has this nice open kitchen and i leaned up against the stove a lot of the night and ate little breads and cheeses and meats and i mixed a half dozen cape cods for myself. not only is she a beautiful young woman, but she has the musical taste of a collegiate boy, so it was very easy to turn off the Ryan Adams and dig into “Pleased To Meet Me” then the Stones, then the Velvets with Nico, etc., which is always a plus.

pleased the replacements

so many girls have James Taylor’s greatest hits, Fleetwood Mac, Aretha, Cocteau Twins, the Cure – if youre lucky, Cat Stevens, Eagles and a few soundtracks of a play they went to or a movie that made them cry and that’s it. when i sold stereos i would get these women who would ask for a cd player and i’d show them the 100 disc-changer and they’d say, “but i dont even own 100 cds.” and i’d say, “but eventually you will.” and they’d look at the changer and they’d be thinking to themselves, “no, never will i own 100 cds.” which is why boys collect twice as many as we need, i guess.

anna lost her match on friday against some chick, who knows, who cares. anna probably would have beaten her unranked opponent but she strained her neck and only managed to win one set. and if you wanna talk about bad cd collections, you need to look no further than our former-soviet sweetie. i dont even want to get into it, but throw out the hip hop and all thats left is pop pop pop euro-pop and more pop, and her friends are all older and super into techno so shes starting to ask me if ive heard this or that and im all, tweakers suck, beeyatch, drink some more vodka and wisen up. and i threaten them all with a classic rock photo essay but these young girls just smile and stick their tongues out and make you feel old as they walk away whistling the tune of a song youve never heard. so lets change the subject.

this girl is 22. lives in canada and has some very nice things to say about yours truly:

Tony is…well…I don’t really know how to explain this site. It just is. Take my word for it..this site provides hours of amusement and is updated on a daily basis (except for on the weekends when he gets lazy)

and normally i wouldnt talk about such things (canadians), but she has a great list of movies that she likes and i say “great” because i like most of those movies too. so thanks, paganblue. gorgeous design, i must add.

justin has had my name on his left hand links list for a little while and said that i turned him onto Internet Gossip. IG is a site i look at about once a week to see what the perves have dug up and what nonsense the cam girls are up to. anyhow, thanks slotman.

bob owen has added me to his links list, firmly nuzzled between the worthilly-linked Max Power and the undisputed champion InstaPundit, so i feel in good company. i like the lowercase spelling of my name, but i dont mind if it is Traditionally Capitalized either. it wouldnt be the first time that i’ve been called easy. thankyoubob.

Max Power, himself, put a link to this site in his quotes area on the left hand side, to which I need to say thank you.

But before we go on any further, let me report to you, and let it be a lesson to you all, but JC flowed a buck to the Snoop Fund yesterday (saturday) and today (sunday), making it a total of $7 my man has stoked me with over 7 days. classic. thank you JC, youre too cool.

Your site makes me smile or laugh out loud each day. So instead of spending my money on four or five magazines each month I paypal the internet sites I read and enjoy. Of course anna tells me that you are worth much more than the paypal pop I am able to give at this time. Yet when she whispered that to me early this morning I got the impression her thoughts were on the physical concerning you and far removed from the financial. Your connection with anna lingers in her soul, an ethereal reminder of your presence. That is one reason I will continue to return to try and learn from da man!



how can i be the man when you’re the man?