i believe this is gonna be the week it all comes together

tomorrows earth day and all the subways and busses are free, so im gonna go down to lyft and get my car inspected so i can get back out on the road and sure i wont make a ton of money like in olden times but i just cant sit around the house any more waiting for my space shuttle to come in.

tuesday i have a feeling something magical is going to happen

wednesday i have lunch with an old colleague who wants to talk about something up his sleeve. hes been wanting to do with me for a while and i have always been of the sort who would rather do something with someone who wants to do something with you, than to try to squeeze yourself into the life of someone who is on the fence about you.

thursday theres a mixer. i never go to these things. i know the coolest people and have the greatest friends. but that doesnt mean i am social irl. but i havent seen the dude who is hosting it in eons and i have a hard out because im seeing avengers at 8:30pm. so hi, hows everyone. sip sip, laugh laugh. gone.

and then friday morning i try to encourage the kids to ignore the voices in their heads that are telling them not to be incredible. i should probably put notes online for that tomorrow. maybe a greatest hits of what i did over the last five years, you know, when they were in high school. theyre gonna hate me.