i like people who post years old news of famous people’s deaths on facebook as if it just happened

sherman helmsly

i like people who call me Mr. Pierce

i like when people in the back seat of my Uber look at my Waze and say, “but it is saying to go the wrong way!”

i like when people realllllly examine the menu at the drive thru as if it is the most important decision of their lives

i like when people say, “this is not for you to Blog!”

i like when members of the big church next door ask me what the XBI means

i also like it when they call me Anthony – even though ive never introduced myself as Anthony to anyone in the world in my entire life

i like it when people look at my baseball cap and say, “Cubs, eh?” and nothing else

i like it when people say YOU SERIOUSLY EAT AT MCDONALDS?

i like it when people misquote the bible

i like it when people pay attention to the reviews a movie gets on IMdB

i like it when people say, “my friend is coming to LA, can you tell them what there is to do there?”

i like it when im about to pick up someone in my Uber and they call me and ask “where are you?”

i like saying, “i’m at Wrigley Field, mom, duh.”