motor mouth speedway

every now and then my man Gregory Vaine and I will take a long walk around Griffith Park and talk about this and that

yesterday was a long one i didnt expect. his beautiful wife molly invited me to try a chicken sandwich from nearby Dune

at first i declined because i had already feared i had talked Gregs ear off, but its very hard for this Black man to refuse a new fried chicken joint.

so we all talked for 3 hours or so about such a wide range of topics it’s ridiculous

i wish there was a term for the condition it is when you have a really good time with long time friends

but when you get home your internal monologue lists all the terrible things you said and how they probably negatively fell into the ears of the generous guests.

i learned some things last night im still chewing on.

one was the concept of a Thruple.

a Couple with a third person.

that might even be more challenging to juggle than a simple relationship, but what if it’s easier?

what if three incomes make it easier to have a second home somewhere to be inhabited by one of the trio who wants some alone time?

that would be super weird if it was just a couple

but in a Thruple that would give time for the other two to have some quality time together.

probably wouldnt work, and the way it was described it involved three women

and everyone knows three women could probably make it work

a man, in any equation, is gonna screw things up. unless he’s super handy.

another strike for me.