she said, wanna go to the club?

i said of course i want to go to the club

where else would i want to be than a place that plays

terrible music

super loudly

and charges me soooo much money to get drunk

she asked are you being sarcastic?

i said with you baby id go anywhere

i have the perfect outfit

a polo shirt, jeans

and a half gallon of drakkar noir

she said, because it sounds like yr being sarcastic

and i really wanna dance

i love to dance

i said i love to dance too

but i like to spontaneously dance

i once dated a girl who said she didnt like sex on a bed

she liked it to be spontaneous and unusual

i feel the same way about dancing

she said i dont wanna hear about your old girlfriends.

i said, whoops sorry.

im just old.

ive got stories

she said well i want to dance

and you want to dance

but you want to do it spontaneously, how do we make that work?

i said fine lets go to a club

she was all, really?

i was like sure, whats the worst that could happen?