the problem with trolls in my facebook

led zep threeif you know me you know im a lover not a fighter.

true i can fight with the best of them, but thats no why Providence gave me my superpowers

mines, and yours, were meant for poetry, not barbs, romance, not wars.

i want to use my detective skills and intellect to have greater ends than winning an internet tussle.

i want to whisper in the ear of a cheerleader, not yell at a cardinal fan on twitter.

dude came into my facebook not long ago and started blah blah blahing about some nonesense

and i keep my facebook prettymuch open to the public. because i believe in freedom. open door policy.

i’ll block you if i have to, but i dont even really like doing that. people should be allowed to say whatever theyre gonna say and if they really came to fight, shouldnt a gradate in literature from the college of creative studies mop the floor with like 98% of all trolls?

this very busblog once upon a time would have 50-60 comments on posts, not all of them were right on tony, marry me, kiss me, be my boyfriend I CAN COOK!

and i bet you i banned less than a dozen people during that heyday. you just blogged, fought, and moved on.

but theres this guy today who i wanna ban but


he went to UCSB.

how am i gonna ban a Gaucho?

i may need to take him aside and say dude, either you’re Candid Camera 3000 or you seriously need to take your malarkey somewhere else because you’re disrespecting our school.

earlier today i was so sick i had to go home. on the way i bought old school Pepto Bismol.

did some work on my sickbed, still had a headache, drank some more pepto

had the cubs on the laptop and football on TV1 and fell asleep AGAIN

woke up and the Cubs were throwing a no hitter.

believe me when i tell you i think that totally cured me.

cubs magic number is now three.