i wonder how many regrets like this i will have this year

because of numerous reasons i didnt go see U2 with my brother in Vegas for any of the Sphere shows

people are calling it the greatest show ever

i wanted to go. i should have gone. i should have done whatever it took.

i thought this would happen or that or this other thing and none of them came through.

still i shoulda done the thing.

now i regret it because now it feels like that moment is gone and wont come back.

on the other hand u2 reportedly made $4 million a show with minimal overhead.

so maybe u2 will return to that gravy train again one day. which would be beautiful.

until then i will learn from this mistake and live for the day instead of waiting for miracles to happen tomorrow.

saw U2 play last night at the forum

it wasn’t good.

amber, who is sweet about everything, even looked at me about 90 minutes in and was like wtf

they played a few hits, but the rest of the show was new songs, and old songs that no one liked even back then.

and i like MLK, i mean who doesnt, but must we hear Pride in the Name of Love every time U2 throws a party?

the stage was cool and they moved around the stadium a ton, so those of us in the back corner were very happy

but still.

and to top it off, Ticketmaster gave us an email before the show saying Doors Open at 6:30pm, and U2 starts at 8pm sharp.

we got there at 8:11pm terrified that we had missed some, but we hadn’t.

so we went to get some food and drink, i was surprised at how some of the bars had no lines.

i was like, yo can i get a diet coke for the lady and 8 shots of rum for me?

dude was all, yes, but we are closed until the band starts.

i was like hmmm, weird, but whatevs, whats a few minutes.

fuckers didnt go on till 9pm.

and then gave us weak sauce.

U2 has delivered the magic every time I ever saw them play.

zero magic last night. super disappointing.

this is what happens when youre rich and idealistic and you think you can get away with not playing Streets Have No Name or With or Without You.

you cant.

even Dylan plays Blowin in the Wind every show.

even Dylan.


ma, don’t watch this on your phone

my mom loves Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

and U2 and cool concerts.

she once saw Hendrix open for the Stones.

a giant inflatable penis was involved with the stage of that show.

Ma, this was a giant video screen and I want you to see it because if you go to Soldier Field on 6/7, this is what it would look like in the $1,000 seats.


they haven’t lost a step

theres three songs in the 80s i totally remember hearing the first time they debuted on the radio

the police’s “every breath you take”, van halen’s “jump”

and one night as i was driving west on the 10 and then south down the 405

one of those great deep throated LA FM radio jocks said

we’ve got something very special to play for you now

it’s a brand new song from u2’s forthcoming record,  “joshua tree”

it’s a little different than you might expect

it’s called, with or without you.

and that bass rolled in and i was driving a 76 caddy and i didnt have much money

but what i had i put into the stereo and speakers of that baby

which is what you do when youre 20.

and that night, right away, that song was perfect

subtle, haunting, tribal,

right on the money.

tonight u2 doled out one hit after another and still had a few left in their pocket when the assault was over.

tonights centerpiece was their best selling album of a run that started in the late 70s(!). they played a few pre-joshua tree hits and then the Grammy winning album in its entirety and the memories and feels rushed back.

how do you start an album with the one two punch of the streets have no name and i still havent found what im looking for?

in fact, how dare you.

it was a beautiful night. 75 degrees or so. and the images on the giant, wide screen, showed off the irish band’s love of america, specifically the west, and namely california.

the power of Fox News has convinced the nation that the West is out of touch with main street usa but U2 reminds us that in the 80s – and even today – the West is where dreams come true


ive been to a hand full of these full album spectacles and whats interesting is they never know what to do after the record is over.

as fantastic as u2 is, they didnt know either.

they slapped together some decent songs, and compelling video

people got to clap for Michelle Obama, Pussy Riot and Hillary Clinton

but it held little magic once the heart of the show was over.

which was fine.

im gonna see U2 today

its the 30th anniversary of the Joshua Tree record.

30 years ago i was dating Michele who loved U2 and we would listen to them all the time.

we went to the concert at the Sports Arena and it was so good i cried more than once.

tonight i will probably cry again even though they’re playing at the cavernous Rose Bowl.

i often think to myself what a lucky life i have had. Michele was my first friend in California and ended up quickly being such an important person in my life.

she turned me on to poetry and environmental issues, she majored in journalism, lived in Malibu and was so into the Cure and U2 and foreign films.

id drive all night to the furthest stretches of Zuma to see her and walk to the beach and sleep in her parents house and talk about everything you could ever imagine. i would be such a different person, and i doubt a better one, if i hadnt taken the risk and said hi to the pale, red lipsticked girl who had scribbled words on her chuck taylors.

i would love to be going to this show tonight with her.

i got u2

u2 at the vma

tickets, look what they’re going for on eBay with 4 days left. am i tempted to sell my pair? tempted isnt the word.

oh wait, yes, tempted is the word.

today i hate the bus. today i want to get a car. today i want to flush out everything bad in my life. i want to flush everything that isnt perfect out of my life. i want to earn twice as much, i want to wear half as less. i want to grow my hair twice as big and dye it red or just bleach it. im not happy. i was late to work.