today i didnt jump for joy after making a video

i procrastinated all day

talked to two homeless guys

talked to my mom

walked around

wrote a blog post about getting vaxxed

three of my friends are not vaxxed and one of them wanted to push my buttons about my stance.

finally i got around to doing work

why do i procrastinate THAT?

i know why

because i am so scared it wont take off one day

and i’ll have to go back and do crappy work

with bosses who dont appreciate me

and then that’ll be it with my life

granted, thats a lot of pressure to put on a dumb podcast

and maybe thats one reason i do everythign i can to make it rock

instagram, website, videos,

on top of the podcast

and its not dumb, fyi

the one that drops today will be the most emotional one yet

but will people notice?

will they say i was good?

the man was crying and i — was i sensitive?

they say Libras are the worst people to cry around because we dont have emotions

we cant. we’re supposed to be the rock in the storm

the center of the hurricane.

and i’ll tell you this much: i fucking love being the center of the hurricane

rage, dude