who loves the sun

for some reason i wasn’t gonna vote.

why bother?

plus theres debate as to whether journalists should vote or not because what do you do if someone asks you who you voted for?

will that answer taint how people judge your work?

as if those of us who voted for someone a few years ago never say to ourselves, “well that was a dumb thing we did”

over the years ive made some bad votes that i wish i could take back.

hell, theres lots of things i would change if i had to do them over again, obvs choosing people to do a job would be one of them as well.

anyways today we went to dodger stadium to vote but for some reason, even though we’re just 5 days away from the end of the election, they weren’t doing voting there

come back tomorrow, the lady at the mouth of the parking lot said.

so we drove over to Staples Center

where they gave us a Lakers mask, a Kings pen, a Lakers and a Kings I VOTED sticker, and a guy even took a picture of amber and i in front of the step n repeat.

it was great being inside Staples. so many fond memories.

Lakers, Clippers games. so many concerts: Prince, No Doubt, Van Halen, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Bruuuuuce… so many.

Afterwards we went to Rite Aid to get a prescription and I talked to a homeless lady who was later thrown out.

“Where are we,” she asked.

I said, “we are on the border of Los Feliz and Hollywood.”

“No we aren’t,” she said. “We’re in the desert. Like Las Vegas.”

I said, “if we were in Vegas I wouldn’t be paying state income tax. Also, if you walk right out that door and take 30 steps to the left you will be on Hollywood Blvd. Because you are in Hollywood.”

She said, “no. We are in Las Vegas.”

She was so beautiful. Her skin was flawless. Her pants were dirty but her eyes and her skin were that of a college girl. A freshman.

She said, “I am trying to get money for food.”

I said, “if you panhandle in this casino they’ll throw you out, so put this in your pocket right away” and i gave her a dollar.

Then I said, “go out the door, turn left. Walk 30 steps. That’s Hollywood Blvd. Then walk about a mile. Don’t stop. You’ll see a Tommy’s hamburger stand. It’s Red and Yellow. There are some homeless tents in front of it. They have flags of many countries near the tents. Don’t stop. A few buildings past that is the Salvation Army. They will get you somewhere to stay.”

She said “that way is dangerous.”

I said, “not to scare you, but this casino is way more dangerous than where I am sending you.”

don’t stop.

voted today cuz i love america and female presidents and plants


longest line ive ever seen at the church where ive been voting for the last 15 years.

there were two lines for the two precincts that vote here. never had i had to stand out in the hallway before.


you had to look at the voter rolls to see if you found your name. if your name was on the left you stood in line on the right.

if your name was on the right you could just walk right in that door.


i didnt like the fact that the church was politicking in a way with their huge board advertising a “drug-free summit”

despite the fact that we were all voting on a measure that would legalize the “drug” marijuana.

before i had a chance to call bullshit someone else called bullshit and they removed the sign.

which is why i love my hollywood neighbors and why i feel good that everything i voted for will win.


two things we know are true: if you dont have an I Voted sticker, you didnt vote.

and if you didnt take a selfie of some sort it was all a dream.

but it was really nice to vote for the first female US president.

and weed.