i need a vacation

thats what imma remember about 2020 the most.

there was nowhere to escape to.

for the longest i never understood the appeal of Palm Springs.

my mom got a time share there like 10 years ago and i was all whyyyyyyy

now i get it

it soothes the soul.

it recalibrates your time frame.

sometimes slow and low is the way to go.

but we cant go there even though theres a time share in the La Quinta Resort that i have fallen in love with.

fuckin Rona.

fuckin everything.

fuckin postmaster general taking sorting machines away and mail boxes away and mail away.

fuckin NCAA officials pulling their hair out because football cant exist in this

which means they cant profit from poor kids bashing their heads in.

thought i lost my computer this morning.

turned out it was in my underwear drawer.

i need a vacation like never before.