russia attacked ukraine

so shits fucked.

people are dying over there.

no one knows what to do over here.

sanctions, threats, words, tears.

in russia, all over, people are taking to the streets protesting because they dont want war.

and yet here you got the last president calling putin a genius, you got one of his sr advisors saying ukraine aint even a country, you got tucker carlson saying he wants russia to win


“white people crazy” is what the line is, but everyones crazy

we are so politicized right now, so many people want to keep us divided by looking at the world through either What Do Liberals Want or What Does Trump Want

that these “patriots” struggle to call insurrectionists traitors, can’t seem to bury the confederate flag, and refuse to watch our enemy Russia invade a sovereign land and say yep thats fucked.

it becomes distracting to say the least.

the other day i got back on the horse and interviewed a mountain climbing atheist guitarist.

today i got an Armenian refugee to agree to an interview in a few weeks

an old college friend who is now a realtor in one of the best parts of town wants to do it next month

and on monday a woman who grew up in Eagle Rock is ready to rock.

so maybe i just need to keep my head down and do the thing i need to do for the next 14 years