are we gonna die? yes. will it be bad. yes.

the president elect today hired a guy who hates the environment to run the EPA.

richard nixon was a terrible person but even he knew that the federal government, not the states, needed to stop greedy oil and gas exploiters from polluting the air and water so he created the EPA.

today trump appointed an asshole lawyer from oklahoma who has been unsuccessfully suing the EPA over the last few years so the men who line his pockets with limitless cash can drill baby drill and pay very little when they spill.

i want to believe that rich people are smart but when they choose money over all else, it seems very stupid to me.

half of america lives on the edges of the country. next to water. these republicans swear that climate change is something that has nothing to do with them. even though hundreds of scientists, people who have spent their whole life studying the earth, say no no, it has everything to do with us.

but all the republicans see is money. they want their gold chairs. they want homes near golf courses. they want to summer in europe in suites.

they want what they believe is power.

there are too many examples of what happens when assholes have the power to pollute: they will pollute.

there are too many reasons why putting a guy who sues the EPA in charge of the EPA is the dumbest fucking thing of all

and yet any time republicans, even faux republicans like Trump, take over, they do the opposite of Republican Nixon, they stick their dicks into the Earth and foul it up as much as they can, all while assuming it will just heal itself.

control freaks who will tell their uber driver each and every road they should take to get to the country club, just throw their hands up to God when you tell them that their coal mine is bad for the air or their fracking is terrible for the water.

we have never needed russian hackers more than we need them now.

anything to expose what these people really are and how dangerous they have grown now that they have powers that they should never have been considered for.