last night i watched videos on how to make a site

i bought this $50 wordpress theme. i bought this $50 engine to drag and drop everything.

i paid a friend a bunch of dough to move over the Hear in LA content to this new place.

then today when i tried to do what i thought i had learned, i was stumped again.

it seems harder than ever.

it seems super hard.

tomorrow we are gonna go over it, he and I, because maybe theres a button switched on that shouldnt be. or maybe im just the dumbest man alive.

yesterday i got some weed gummies because i was waking up coughing

and a cough these days of COVID is like a gunshot

aint no one wants to hear it, and i for sure dont wanna be doing it.

this morning i woke up groggy. and it didnt get me high.

but i didnt cough.

so tradeoff?