palm reader said listen to me listen

i was all, im all ears

she said dont hear, listen

i was like

finally she said stop doing all the things of the past

this is the second half

do second half things

i said like cutting sugar out of my diet

she went, yep

and then disappeared

i woke up and this pretty girl was napping beside me

shes seen it all

and yet is so impressed by the simplest things

which is where i come in.

im way into simple.

weed is legal now in the republic of california

if you havent heard the news

so theres this app that tells you thing

and i like to know the things

so i go beep bop boop and it goes, .9 miles from your house

we park by a used dishwasher store, i show the lady my broken washer machine knob

she goes into a file cabinet and plastic knobs are spilling over in there

quickly she says we dont have

we walk out and down the street.

cant find it.

i look at the app for the address

pretty girl says there it is, across the street.

i say no dear the boop boop bop machine says its here and i point at the numbers on a store

and just to the right of it is a storefront with no sign

no words no numbers and the glass doors are closed

although the right door seems to be slightly ajar

so we waked in, and i told the gentleman checking IDs

of course.

turns out they have yoga in there too once a day.