what are you doing for ramadan?

i cant believe how quickly it got here and i dont have a thing to wear.

i never have anything to wear.

hot chick called up crying last night. im a sucker for cute girls who hiccup as they cry. its hard to hang up, its hard to be a good friend cuz wild thoughts go through my head even if the girls have boyfriends. its not always good to have a quote unquote creative mind, cuz weird things run through it.

when she left the message she was sobbing and didnt go into the story much. sounded suicidal if you ask me. but what do i know, everything sounds suicidal to me.

a cheerleader got drunk with me last night after work. we walked to a local bar that i never had been to before. we watched the raiders game. then she took a cab home. so there it was not even ten pm and i was drunk and playing my playstation2, some hockey game that im getting really good at, and i hear the phone ring, i hear the caller ID tell me whos calling, i tap the pause button and listen to the message and it was so sad.

so i called her back and she told me that she was upset with her boyfriend and she needed to talk to a friend and i told her that i wasnt in any position to be her friend, that i was drunk, and only two things come out of my mouth when im drunk, poetry and filth, and i havent written a poem in long time.

she sniffled and even laughed and i said i had to go and she said please dont and i said i must and then her man finally came home and youd think enrique englasias would have a thick accent, but i guess he only pretends to have one when hes on tv.

and i told her that the next time she calls she cant cry and she cant be depressed because gay male friends is who hot chicks should call when theyre crying and depressed, not guys like me.

i dont want to be that guy.

i wanna be a way different guy that hot babes call. one that they call when they get a new catsuit they want to try on for to see if it looks too slutty for a work halloween party.

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the busblog hasnt been the same this month

friends, and for this i apologize. especially to my regular readers.

the cubs drive to the world series took me away emotionally and mentally and i admit i havent been thinking about the blog the way i normally do.

then the bus strike happened. how are you supposed to write a bus blog when youre driving a rentacar to work each day?

then there was bonnie and charlies wedding and that is still on my mind because it was such an amazing experience.

wednesday is the anniversary of my birth. 110 years ago i let out my first cry, and some would say i havent shut my mouth since.

the xbi in all their mercy has allowed for me to take the day off tomorrow and the day after to recover.

not sure how much i will write to you on those days, but i hope that if i write, that it will be something interesting to you.

the plan, as it has been leaked to me, is that my true love and another exgirlfriend will take a limo to santa barbara tomorrow afternoon. once there we will dine on seafood and wine and attend a burlesque performance of some sort. then we will eat ice cream on the ride back down to LA.

all while doing dozens of jello shots.

so if you dont see this beautiful mess updated much in the next few days, now you’ll understand.

back to the bus situation, i dont like not having the busses and the subway. i sorta like having a car, but dealing with things like traffic, and people who wont let you over to the lane that you want, and parking, and locking your car, etc., are pleasures that i can do without.

sadly, though, it looks like i might have to suck it up and actually purchase a used vehicle. im not proud of this decision, but a man does have to get to work and it doesnt look like the bus strike will end any time soon.

people try to encourage me by telling me that i will begin to enjoy the freedom again of being able to drive anywhere in this beautiful city. but ive seen this place plenty, i dont need that sort of freedom.

what i need to do is focus more on writing, and writing well, and i cant do that on the 405 on my way to redondo.

only thing i can see me doing if i had a car would be driving to crazy places to buy stupid things, listening to way too much talk radio, and getting stuck in traffic jams.

i like the simple life that has been handed to me: wake up, fight crime, go home, write, pass out.

ive had a car for a week and outside of the required engagements that i was committed to doing in regards to the wedding, for the most part i have driven home from work and thats it. i think cars have become lost on me.

all i want them for right now is for long journeys. like to vegas. or to memphis.

or to norman.

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