sometimes i want to write a post just so i can

link some excellent people at the bottom of the post.

yesterday mr. jason sutter wrote some super nice things about me comparing me to jack kerouac, a guy i tried to get into but never did. still it’s nice to be compared to someone who everyone loves.

and since jason was so nice to me, while i wait for playboy to contact me, i will offer my services to his fine company, the good folks of google + blogger.

i think blogger should have a blog.

weird they dont have one, huh?

i think it should be a lot like what je is doing at Makeout City except it would have pictures that would either be relevant images or screen shots of the blogs being discussed.

it would be a blog about blogs.

sorta like Instapundit but less about law and politics.

lets say a blog was writing about music. not only would i write about that blog’s take, but then i would take that take into a new tangent. same goes about sports. same goes about religion, same goes about life.

the idea would be to write about a dozen blogs a day. then a few times a week have AOL IM interviews with specific bloggers and ask them about their lives and how they put their blogs together.

i think the Blogger Blog should also have guest posts from experts who could give tips on html, photoshop, and writing.

i think the Blogger Blog could inspire other blogs to do things like what the Friday Five does, giving people topics to write about when they dont have any idea but they want to write.

and since google now owns blogger, one of the purposes of the Blogger Blog is to be, in a way, the google of blogs. that would mean that during weird moments like now, the left hand side would have links to LA and San Diego bloggers who are covering the fire. or during, say, the next world series, it could list bloggers from boston and chicago.

the blogger blog in many ways should be the first place that people would go if they wanted a good idea of whats happening on the blogosphere. sure, many blogs already do this, but most bloggers dont have 8 hours a day to take their time and go for it. most bloggers have jobs that keep them from blogging.

typically i would like to spotlight blogs who kick ass at design like my girl over at bluecad, or who end up on tv like my man welch, or who just kick ass in general like mindy who probably doesnt get written about much outside of the cam girl clique, which is sad.

i imagine at some point Blogger will have a blog about blogs, but right now i hate my job and playboy still hasnt sent over a bikiniclad represenative with a contract on a silver platter so i respectfully hereby throw my cubs hat into the ring.

today is winona ryder’s 88th birthday

i know she likes to read the busblog so hi winona, i love ya. keep your chin up, shorty.

went to the quickie mart. got a three dollar sandwich. gave the man a ten. he gave me back two bucks. i love the quickie mart so i figured, fuckit, have a $5 tip. money grows on trees.

still havent heard from playboy yet. wtf?

dont they know that im the assistant editor of what the LA Times called the most entertaining blog in LA?

and i know marc brown.

this is what i would do for steal the idea and i’ll kill ya. plus you wouldnt rock it as hard as i would. needs a doorman, a gatekeeper, a welcome mat. a blog.

it needs to be totally Safe For Work, which means tone down all the hoo ha. which means no boobies poking out all over. which totally means no pop-ups.

it needs to be at and there someone, me, will write each day about the goings on throughout the playboy empire. international and domestic. there needs to be record reviews, tips for men, movie reviews, interviews with playmates past and present. there needs to be an introduction to next months lovelies. there needs to be rock.

i imagine a black background and verdana typeface.

i see hot people.

there needs to be interesting current events being discussed, pornography laws, internet laws, guest bloggers, head shots, not bikini shots, but sexiness in the pictures that you could leave on your monitor as you walk away from your desk without being ashamed.

there are many many men, i would wager, who would read the playboy blog who might not read the magazine any more and who dont ever ever ever go to the web site. and there are the real fans who read the mag but have no good reason to go to the site. so they think.

the playboy blog will be a haven for all of those men, and the very special ladies. and it will be free.

within the blog posts there would be links to the articles and specials going on in the web site but there will be a disclaimer next to the link that will say not safe for work. maybe there will be a red bunnyhead for those links. pink ones for the safe links.

its all so easy.

there will be sports talk, but not crazy amounts, just enough. there will be discussions about anna kournikova, the hilton sisters, and christina aguilera. there will be exerpts of short stories, there will be ways to subscribe to the mag, there will be ways to get merch.

it will be a real blog for real people who like real things like the things playboy has always discussed and it will be up to its eyeballs in class.

anyway, happy birthday winona.

you can be a guest blogger anytime you want.

crispy duck + dawn olsen + no blood no foul

ever feel like you just cant do it?

super hot chicks surrounded me last night. a few started asking me about my future. i dont see any future. not in a sad way, just in an honest way.

one chick had all these great ideas for me but it was like how some dogs look good in hats and some dogs look stupid in hats. guess which dog i am.

one chick said how come you just dont write all these people and tell them that you want to write for them, and i thought cuz i would end up with the job and look like a dog in a sweater. id try to stick my tongue out and play it off but i would still be someones bitch in a sweater.

some dogs look good in capes. i wouldnt mind wearing a cape for the right place.

dear playboy,

please let me write a blog for you.



all they show on tv here in LA are the fires. all this girl said last night was no. and sometimes she does that to be funny or coy or whatever, sometimes she means it. i can never figure out which one.

i wanted to just be there in the moment, forget about things like fires and futures and sweaters and hats.

i wanted to think about the lakers and how dominant they were against the super stacked mavericks from dallas but instead i thought about how super stacked this girl was and i asked her if i could do something and she said no and i said can i do something else and she said no and giggled and i felt slightly defeated and put my head back down on the pillow and listened to the bad boys two soundtrack and wondered when i was ever gonna grow up.

most dogs will just shake off the hat and run around with it dangling upsidedown from their collars.

they just want to be naked

n free.

n normal.

n loyal.

if anyone knows, dogs do, that time flies seven times faster than people really think.

and for the record, she didnt say no all night

or all morning.

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