dear tony would you ever change your style just to fit in?

even though im a born again Christian who believes in Heaven

i think the best way to approach Earth is this is the only time we are going to live here

and we should accept who it is that we are and of course try to constantly make improvements

but at the end of the day love who we are.

for example, if i was born a 1976 Sedan De Ville, i could work on the suspension, upgrade the stereo, paint it, and always use premium gasoline

but i will never be a pickup truck.

i would be a cadillac and i should be ok with that.

i was born a tony pierce from chicago

there are very few models like me

and this one doesnt work for everyone and thats fine but in actuality we only come in contact with maybe a few hundred people or so

and most people are relatively cool, so if i am cool with them — IF they are not cool with me, that’s not really my problem because im not gonna turn into a truck even if what they want is a truck, im a caddy, and a nice one, and you can hate me if you want but one thing you will never be able to say about me is i was full of shit, which to me is one of the worst things you could say

which brings us to the question at hand

we are all unique, weird strands of dna wearing pants and running around a planet that is spinning in space

and in a blink of an eye we are going to die.

you might appease the anxiety in your head by doing an imitation of a human being for the second that you’re here

but im gonna be me

and then peace.

i sincerely invite you to do the same.