i am doing this thing for work this week about star wars

so to refresh my memory and to stir up ideas i got the original trilogy because i dont think ive seen it in its entirety in quite a while.

for some reason i was looking at it trying to think of the camerawork and lighting in 1976. what was that like? how were they able to show us something very modern using mostly common equipment.

and why are there only one set of shadows on a planet that has two suns?

right before Luke, Han, Ben and the crew go into the bar there are long shadows

but on the way there it seems like it’s high noon

issues that would not happen in a digital, almost entirely computer generated film

but when filmed on actual film, it would take forever to clean up those inaccuracies.

says the blogger who grammars bad on purpose.

theres a big bru-haha over some jokes and i have a hot take

if you cant take a joke about you, then fuck you.

if you invite a comedian to your event and you have dressed up and all your friends dressed up and if theres some serious parts, some boring parts

and then a part for 19 minutes where what amounts to the court jester points his or her stick at you

and lampoons you in exactly the same way that they have been doing for centuries and centuries

and you sit up there and make a face like you just ate a bad lemon

and in reality you are a very not nice person in your actual job and the jester is IN JEST talking about it

then fuck you, your friends, the people you work with and the people who raised you

because you have not learned shit about life and your peers have not supported you in how to behave.

we have a president who says and does whatever the fuck he wants to do and no one is apologizing for his behavior

likewise we have had a White House Press Whatever dinner for decades

and man after man after man after man has got up on there and played the role of the court jester

but now that a woman does it in a comedically whiny scratchy delivery



fuck that, fuck you, fuck this

i decide whose head gets chopped off and for now i want everyones head on

and looking at each other and when the funny lady says the funny things, fucking laugh

like a human fucking being for once in your stupid life.

flint still doesnt have clean water.