cubs won their home opener yesterday under the sun

five hall of famers were there, the fans were warmed due to the unseasonably comfortable temps

cubs bats were hot, the pitchers shut out their foes

but i missed Harry.

sometimes i wonder do people miss me?

i was watching something on tv after the game – something about punk rock

and they said they were glad that this one or that one wasnt around anymore because

he was such a jerk to people.

and i wondered, do people think im a jerk?

it’s tough in life. they tell you to stand up for yourself. and for others. and for ideals.

but then they also say dont burn bridges.

amber and i went to church on sunday and the lady preacher was soooooo nice.

i made a point to shake her hand after all of it and tell her that i loved her sermon about the prime minister of new zealand and how the church was so wonderful and the music was so good

and how it was the first sermon that i had ever heard where the person said

if you are gay or straight black brown or white

if you are a believer or a non believer

you are welcome.

and she said i dont believe we have met.

am i that recognizable? i feel like i blend in to the gray walls so easily. but i guess not.

harry you are missed. your laugh. your energy. your love of so many things, not just baseball.

i love that when he got the job for the cardinals, the owner of the team, who was also the co owner of budweiser, said, harry you are so great, this town is yours. anything you want is yours and i will help you get it.

my only rule is do not try to date my daughter.

and guess who harry caray dated

and then married.

and got fired for loving?

all are welcome in my heart.