it was a good week and now it’s done

i did some good things, i did some things im very happy about.

i couldnt connect with some people and that made me sad

and some things ended that i wasnt expecting.

but lets talk about procrastination.

i have a tiny little attention span. call me crazy.

and when that window is open i can do so well.

almost every post on this blog, since 2001, was written under 30 minutes

but for work i spend hours.

some people spend days or weeks but i get so bored by then

which is hard because sometimes it does take days to get things done.

youve gotta talk to one more person or your editor wants you to add one more thing or somethings too long or something doesnt make sense or things change

all of that annoys me.

i want to take a snapshot of that moment and go on to the next thing.

procrastination means i didnt snap quickly enough.

even if i love what i am looking at, i dont want to savor it. i shouldnt. i should just do it because im gonna get bored.

a few weeks ago i was at a walmart and i saw something cool and i talked to a woman who was fascinating and i wanted to rush home and write it down but one thing led to another, i think i picked amber up at work and then we went somewhere.

then she looked me up and down and couldnt keep her hands off me.

then we danced on the lawn. then we laughed and laughed

and fell asleep.

ive been procrastinating this walmart story for weeks.

dont get me wrong, in the meantime ive been writing my tail off.

so today it was in the schedule that i would have it done. and i had a phone meeting at 8pm and all day i procrastinated it. then at 7 i started and by 730 it was pretty much done. and for that next half hour i polished it up real nice like. and i was relieved

like taking a giant dump. i feel ten pounds lighter.

i felt free.

i took a shower, kissed the girl, flipped on some porn and waited for her to finish this amazing dinner she was cooking. turned on bill maher.

i just felt incredible

and now i want to figure out how i can feel this way every friday.

work really hard for a week and then on that friday be done.

be good and done.

be super complete.

i feel so… professional… adult… accomplished… smart when i do the thing i say i was gonna do and its on time

and its better than i pitched it.

this is truly good.

the thing i did about the masks from los angeles apparel was good

the thing i did about this other thing is good.

i feel good.

and i feel lucky.

and i thank God for letting me have the opportunity to have these feelings

because right now so few feel good.

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