just a little

Today Amber and I were walking home and we passed our local, cool, homeless man. This guy has been in my hood for 15 years or so. Probably longer. I gave him my winter coat this winter and I swear the Lord rewarded me with an increased ability to read minds. Not that I needed it.

As we approached him we saw two nurses from one of the hospitals hand him some bags of their left over lunch. When we passed him I asked how he was doing.

It was 6:30pm-ish, he was setting up his sleeping bag and luggage so he could go to sleep on the sidewalk in front of this apartment building. The sun was still up and shining on him. He was sweating. He said he was fine. I asked if there was anything he needed.

Usually he tells me no. But this time he said he could use some water. I figured I’d walk a few blocks home, get him some bottles, drive over, drop them off and drive back. But Amber said, lets just walk backwards a few blocks to a liquor store and hook him up.

JUST A LITTLE ONE he yelled. OK I yelled back, admiring his reverse psychology. Or was he being serious? Only the angels know.

Got to the liquor store. One of those tiny Mexican ones. Not sure if there was any liquor in there, tbh, because i’m basically straight edge since my girl is.

Got a nice jug of Crystal Geyser with a handle. And as I was about to pay the nice man with a mask, I was all, “look at all that TP. What are you a millionaire?”

Dude laughed. No seriously where did you get all that?

He said, Mexico. Tijuana.

I was like, is it terrible? He said, no my friend, it’s toilet paper.

And then I asked if I could take a picture and he said sure.

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