good things happened today

some annoying things happened too but on balance it was a good day

got my post up last night of William G., it’s the second in our Hollywood series.

people fucking loved it, as they should, as was expected, and to be honest im not so sure how we top it

in part because he is so intense and wild and going against THE LAW in their face

god bless all the other people ive already interviewed who we have in the can

but very few people live his life and do the things he does.

and get away with it.

i hate re-watching or re-listening things but i must have listened to that interview a dozen times.

heres the crazy long blog post i made for it

heres the podcast

a very lovely woman even reached out to me, someone who i very much wanted to reach out to me and she did. and she said she liked it.


thats why you learn to play the guitar. not for the whole arena to applaud.

but for that one right there to just look at you for a minute instead of the bass player.

tomorrow more good things will happen.

hopefully very good things.

but one thing for sure is i am going to podcast with a different william who swears he has some stories.

he better because i wanna wrap up hollywood

and i want to do it in the next two weeks and head to venice.

but you know what happens with best laid plans

Steve Coulter wrote about Popsicko and Keith Brown for the Independent and I got a few words in edgewise