it’s not even midnight and im tired

am i getting old? IMPOSSIBLE

day started out fine. i had a lunch scheduled in Pasadena near where i used to work.

got there in plenty of time and it was delicious and the conversation was FANTASTIC

and i learned a lot of things about podcasting and what podcasts to listen to

and about half way in i leaned forward and asked

can we gossip for a quick minute

and it was allowed.

and it was delightful because it wasnt mean spirited at all.

but boy did i learn some things.

then we met the owner of the joint and she was so happy to hear from us. wonderful.

got home around 420pm and i was pooped. but i had another engagement.

this was a podcast interview with one William Campbell who i have known for years through blogging but we had never had a nice long chat before.

FOUR HOURS LATER we still could have gabbed more.

got home and ate my leftovers from lunch and thought about all the things he and i had talked about. holy guacamole am i happy that he asked to be on this podcast.

he taught me things i did not know AND he syched up with things that others had talked about independently about hollywood.

this thing is really becoming a thing.

and now i know why im tired

We Drank A Beer In His Back Yard

and i hardly ever drink.

omg im not old thank God.