thankfully im tired

even though i didnt get to sleep until 6, even though i woke up at noon thirty

even though i took a nap after dinner

am i stressed? am i love lorn? am i worried the cubs are gonna trade all their good dudes?

did i really break up with my shrink?

did i really make incredible rice a roni with tomato chunks and beyond beef?

am i gonna starve trying to do this podcast?

am i gonna irritate everyone with this podcast?

are the cops gonna kill me for criticizing them on twitter?

between you and me i sent in an application to work at one of the streaming services.

between you and me i set up a Patreon tonight for the pod and it already got a subscriber THANK YOU

between you and me i dont think ive had female companionship if you know what i mean all year. what if i get shut out this year completely?

is this what the Good Book meant when it said his favorite tribe walked through the wilderness

the desert?

will i find water out of rock?

will mana come down from heaven?

i think so too.

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