today i made a few videos for the podcast

heres the thing

i dont like to beat people over the head with the things i make

but i do not want to be in an office job again unless all of my demands are met

and im sure they’ll say fine, just pee in a cup

and i will say but i dont wanna pee in a cup

i just want to be creative and learn things and get good at things and

make magic happen

this podcasting business is so hard because it is PAINFULLY CLEAR

that i have a long way to go and if it wasnt for Jordan i would be way back further away from the goal than i am now

like, im gonna have to get a job because we’ve done this for one month now and i dont have a lot of patreons i dont have any sponsors and we probably shouldnt count on many for at least a year

so i need to advertise

The problem is, if i advertise too much people are gonna get sick of it and me and the thing

and i want them to love it, me, and the thing.

i am madly in love with it

we’ve done 8 episodes in less than a month.

tomorrow imma write a medium post about the things i have learned in my first month of podcasting

that way i can summarize those first 8 episodes.

and in a way advertise for them

i have a few more from hollywood that we are going to roll out

and i really wanna interview this palm reader

omg forgot to tell you, my neighbors, the church, thought some hate mail was a bomb and today the bomb squad was here, and the fire dept and about 10 cops.

none of them bothered to tell us what was happening but because im mr nosybody i asked a few of them and then i texted my neighbors

turned out it was just a suspicious envelope that may have had some laundry detergent in it

but for a minute there i thought oh im gonna die from an lapd-assisted bomb explosion?

if i do die know i love you and

the memories of all the good things that have happened to me

are what fuels me every day.

i have these pictures on my wall of good things and great people ive been blessed with

and i have some spots intentionally open

bc i know good things are right around the corner

but i do need a vacation