heres a tip i have for you and i hope you try it

make something you love. in the past i made Lick then i made the busblog.

then use Photoshop or some graphic design software and put the name of the thing you loved next to images that have nothing to do with them,

use different fonts, party with it. experiment.

put your head on other peoples’ bodies.

then do that in video.

keep playing. play every day. forget about trying to make it good.

then all of a sudden try to make it good. but if it is bad, dont give up, it might be funny.

funny > good

know that you are working on your muscles. your brain. your fingertips.

you are creating pathways in your gray matter that will one day figure out HOW TO MAKE IT GOOD

suddenly you might have something that is good AND funny

and thats when the party really starts.