i am in a very good mood, even though i shouldnt be

i had a great interview. wonderful young woman. living right.

she made us delicious snacks to eat during the thing, which was good bc we talked for 2 1/2 hours.

that reminds me i need to wash my windsock.

usually i give the guest the mic with the windsock but i must have had a smoker because i was using it last night and omg it smelled so bad.

today i am working on things. i didnt do what i wanted.

i wanted to write a weed thing and put it on medium

but my heart was thinking 4/20 is the worst day to write weed stories

because EVERYONE is writing weed stories and maybe just maybe no one wants to read about weed on the day we are supposed to

plus ive got a good story and i dont wanna get it buried

anyways good things happened today and bad

for example the cubs lost

but i did get work done

and best of all my man Ben gave me a link to a job that i should totally get bc im super qualified

BUT i might have to move to San Francisco.

would i do that for the right job?

ugh. such a hard dilema.


but that would be the end of Hear in LA


who’s to say i couldnt jet down to LA a 2x  times a month, do 2 on Friday night, 2 on Saturday, and fly back Sunday. do it every other weekend. keep this hollywood apt because hotels would cost me basically what im paying here in rent. hell maybe even keep my car here.

just live in SF like a hermit, minamalist like this woman last night. with no car to save cash. then fly down on weekends.

actually if i was only doing 2 interviews on Saturdays, i wouldnt even need to spend the night.

i need to figure this out.

but the thing is… never quit. not even this. i can do both things. and do a great job.

thats the other thing about this job, i have sooo many ideas for it and i could do a way better job at it than anyone else.