drove 8 1/2 hours today, made my goal

woke up at 6am because it’s been hot as balls.

got a bunch of requests for the airport but i didnt wanna go to the airport but everyones going to the airport at 6am

after a while i ran out of fuck yous so i said fine and took an airport ride

turned out it was two super cool lesbians, one who lived in chicago previously and one who was a great makeup artist.

around lunch i met someone from a notorious middle eastern country who told me not to believe everything i hear about her country.

VERY NEXT RIDE i got someone who worked in a mysterious branch of the government who told me she had lived in that very same country for two years and I SHOULD VERY MUCH BELIEVE EVERYTHING i had heard about that country

it was funny actually.

then my second to last ride was a dude in a Dead tshirt coming out of Canters who now lives in a neighboring country of said middle eastern country who teaches English there with his wife. They each make $50k doing it and renting their 3 BD house there only costs $600 a month.

Great, right? Beer costs $20 a six pack. PBR. and theres no weed, only hash.

he and i had a great conversation.

today i love life very much and i am going to try to forget about a Croatian 30 year old woman i picked up at a fleabag motel who i drove to a Public Storage near Compton who said she was homeless. who might have been plotting to roll me but who knows.

half hour later she tipped me on the app.