i took the day off yesterday

and then half the day off today.

felt good.

i dont like that my hands and wrists hurt.

im happy im gonna have a vacation soon.

im happy people are asking me if i would like to work for them full time at decent salaries.

who knows maybe i can do one of those jobs AND uber

or two of those jobs AND NO uber

maybe i can pay off these debts no honest man could pay?

maybe ive suffered enough?

maybe ive paid my tab to society?

or maybe the universe has seen that i can sustain myself by driving around town and it’s all “oh shit, this fool figured out a cheat code. let’s give him a real job with cool ppl.”

my biggest goal is to be debt free in a few years. the pandemic and lack of fat checks and semi-supporting amber sent me into a hole that i thought i was gonna get saved from any day.

but that day had other plans.

thank God i have this Benz.