i had a TSG siting

which totally made me happy. i was a little nervous that she was on that plane with Aaliyah since i hadn’t seen her in about a week.

So, here’s today’s gripe with my local transit authority. L.A. has a subway, which I ride, which really only has one legit transfer stop: Wilshire at Vermont. This is where the North Hollywood – Union Station line intersects the Wilshire/Western – Union Station line. If both trains are running on time, the North Hollywood train arrives at Wilshire/Vermont about 3 minutes before the Wilshire/Western train. But life isn’t perfect, so this doesn’t always happen. What happened today, like many days, is that the Wilshire/Western train arrives exactly at the same time as the North Hollywood train, making it impossible to transfer trains; meaning that all the people have to wait a good 5-7 minutes for the next North Hollywood train.

My question to the MTA: since you only have one stinking transfer point on your whole damn line, why don’t you have the one train conductor tell the other train conductor, “dude, wait two fucking minutes, im running a tad late.” I mean, what’s your freaking hurry to make it to Wilshire/Normandie and then Wilshire/Western since you’re just going to take a ten minute break anyhow, since that is the end of the line?

The MTA has a web page where you can give them these golden tips. Perhaps you, too, would like to offer them up some advice.

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