havent seen TSG in a few days

do i miss her? oui.

yesterday a train got stuck in the tunnel near Pershing Square and fucked up everything and i was late to work.

at wilshire and vermont i got out and took the bus down wilshire and of the 8 escalators only 2 worked and neither were the ones that were going up.

today on the bus i saw a kid. looked almost exactly like i did when i was 13. he had on a dressshirt and slacks and a tie. he was fiddling with the tie’s knot

in the reflection of the window across from him.

his collar was way up in the back and you could tell a kid that but they dont know how to adjust it. which is why people just adjust it for you.

but you cant really do that to an unknown kid on a bus. so i didnt say nothin.

and it sorta looks better sometimes to be young with a fucked up dress shirt collar.

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