i think im going to turn this into a blog about riding the subway/bus

and my silent affair with a certain tall skinny girl who i avoid at all costs.

yesterday i was walking east down wilshire as usual from work to La Brea because the 20 and 21 never come when you would like them to. So i am forced to walk the 7 blocks to La Brea to catch the big red Rapid 304. when what do i see but TKG walking down wilshire too! i found this as very odd since I know that she gets dropped off at least 7 blocks west of me! why is she here?

she is on the north side of wilshire, about two blocks away. so even though i think shes super cute, i cross the street to go to the south side. we walk and there she is waiting to cross la brea to go to MY rapid bus stop when here comes a 21. so i hop on it thus avoiding any contact with her or her coolness and i chuckle to myself. although i dont know why cuz im bummed cuz teen girl has a plane ticket to see me and shes not going to use it.

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