worked out after work

for the first time since high school. the best part was the steam room. i sweated so quickly, like after only 3 minutes i was soaking. i loved feeling the room drop little pellets of water on me. i love the heat. i thought it would help relax my suddenly awake muscles but on the way to the bus stop i could barely run after the big red Rapid. so i had to wait for another one.

took it to la cieneaga, transfered to an orange one for about three blocks and went to a press screening of Jeepers Creepers, which by entertainment law, i cannot talk about till tomorrow.

spent the night with rene. shes got such a hot bod. some people wish they could teach the world to sing, i wish i could teach hot chicks to appreciate their hot bods. it was good to rest my sore back on her ultra soft bed. and thank God she had a vicodin.

took the 21 down Santa Monica to 18th Street and walked up to Wilshire. dont tell anyone but i miss Santa Monica like alot alot. took my DNA test which consisted of a polaroid, a fingerprint, and four swabs of my saliva from inside my mouth (fascinating!). and then took the Rapid back to work. Not many Rapid stops in Santa Monica, so i hoofed it about a mile cuz i just cant stand still at bus stops, even with a healing lower back. thank God she had one more vicocin this morn.

always be good to your ex’s cuz one day they will be very good to you.

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