sometimes people call out requests of past posts

this nice girl asked where i put that thing about canadians legalizing pot for terminally ill people. ah, it’s here. And then Gary Condit wrote in to ask me where I put the thing about he and i interviewing each other the other day and it’s here.

one day i’ll get it together and make a proper index, so in the meantime i appreciate your patience, and dont be shy to write me and ask. if it’s during the day you can write me at work: and maybe i’ll know off the top of my head. otherwise you can just email me at where one of my soon-to-be leaving summer interns will ignore it.

tonight im going to the press screening of “Jeepers Creepers” with my sexy ex. i was thinking about writing a review, but i guess i’ll just wait for Layne to write his and then i’ll steal it and send it to BusinessWeek. i always wanted to get published there, now i see why i never was: i use my own material.

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