after a full day dwelling,

i seriously doubt that i will be writing any more about what every tv station is talking about. i hope that doesnt disappoint you, so in other news, the bus was not even crowded today and one of my favorite people was there, Bitter Businessman Guy.

This guy is white (a rarity on my bus), dressed in a shirt/tie/slacks/hard shoes (another rarity), has short hair and a cheesy moustache, and appears to be a sales professional or a middle manager. Whatever he is, he always looks PISSED.

whenever he is around I always hope that something breaks or the bus is late cuz i would fucking love to see him blow his stack.

the L.A. Times has 6 sections, of course all he read was section A, about the tragedy. you could see the skin beneath the stubble on the back of his neck grow red. I was loving it.

For anyone who is concerned, I emailed Genevieve Field of yesterday to see if she was ok, she emailed me right back from her penthouse office in NYC. (Little did I know about the cool website “I’m Okay”). And you know I don’t B.S. you about things like this, and I don’t, but how on earth do I not visit her site more often? Not enough titties for me? And beautifully photographed. What on Earth is wrong with me?

Also, major shout-outs to Ben who busted with one of the best headlines in a column that you really should read “Hollings to copyright violators: ‘I’m gonna git you SSSuCAs’

Finally, what have I done to deserve praise such as what Dangerous Monkey has heaped my way? But, thank you, it’s really nice. But don’t stop what you’re doing, you’ve turned me on to a bunch of cool sites that I would not have otherwise known about. Plus you’ve turned others onto me. So everything is sweet and lovely. Although I’m pissed that the Blink-182 show was postponed for tonight at the Long Beach Arena. I had floor access tickets and I’ve never seen them play.

And really, finally, why the fuck did Champion break-up? I liked them. Especially when they weren’t covering Sgt. Pepper.

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