Casual Thursday

for Bitter Businessman Guy. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that he sported a smart golf shirt tucked into khaki’s this morning as he fumed that the train was a few minutes tardy.

Almost 7,000 hits yesterday. And not one of them got to get linked to this dude’s spectacular pictures and story from the streets of NYC – thanks to Greg for letting us know.

Even though I understand that the NFL doesnt want to fly to the games, or play, or put their fans in possible danger, I’m bummed that there wont be football this Sunday. I really enjoyed it last week.

Today my company arranged for the Ben & Jerry’s truck to serve us all ice cream. They had Cherry Garcia, and the one that i chose, Chocolate Fudge Brownie. One of our freelance cameramen, Thomas Pecorelli, died in one of the planes the other day. He was 31. His wife is three months pregnant. Disneyland is opening back up today.

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