i know this is a bummer of a time

and we’re supposed to be all patriotic, but i think that part of being American is the right to express one’s opinion. and i was born in Washington D.C. and so was my sister and so was my father and his father. so this is my opinoin of the day: somebody needs to shut up our president, George W. Bush. he’s a fucking idiot and that little sneer that he has is pathetic. i know he’s trying to be a tough guy, but he’s a fucking moron.

if you saw the Vice President on Meet The Press yesterday, it was a clinic. In between dry hacks of death, Dick released quick little blasts of subtle brilliance. I turned to my weekend companion and said, “why isn’t this guy our President, again?” and she said, “cuz he’s about one wrong heartbeat from heaven.” I have a much greater apreciation for Mr. Cheeney, who knows so much about how our government works, and is smart enough to answer questions and tell stories in a way that is informative without giving away any secrets or making it look like anyone fed him the information – or that he’s a buffoon figurehead lucky to even be on t.v.

And I agree with the amazing Doug Morris that instead of repeating the elementary idea of “evil-doers”, this is the speech the leader of the free world should have given. (kudos, shelia)

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