over sixteen thousand hits to my page yesterday.

when people linked to it they said things like, try not to cry. the intention was to make you all a little happier, so maybe they were happy tears.

today the network is letting us go home at two so we can observe the national day of mourning. absolutely no disrespect intended, but didnt we mourn on tuesday wednesday and thursday?

i went to sleep early last night cuz i had a pretty bad headache. i have a very hard time accepting the victim role. i would like to stay at work until 5, thank you. in honor of the slain. and trust me, if anything tragic ever happens to me, please don’t mourn more than about 20 minutes. if you’re going to dwell, help out the poor or the sick or the starving or the ignorant. i know your hearts are full of love and strength. let’s reflect that. vh-1 had a special on grunge last night. that music is perfect for these black days, which is weird because as much as i love nirvana, it had always been very hard for me to listen to them for even a short period of time since that tragedy, but last night it sounded so damn good.

My subscription to the L.A. Times ended today. Thank you, Lord. Thank you!

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