Times are rough

when you see me praising the now so-trim-it’s-sickly Rush Limbaugh, but the once-important syndicated windbag actually denounced the comments of Reverands Falwell and Robertson straight-up saying that they were wrong. And that deserves a link any damn day. Still, Rush, you are that close to being forgotten. Continue to fade into the ether. But before you do, you may want to change the cover of your “Limbaugh Letter” (left).

From my co-worker comes a link to a Spaces Invaders-type game called “Hunting For Bin Laden” where you get to be Dubya, Gen. Powell, or VP Cheeney with a shotgun blasting away as many turbin-donned Osama’s as you can.

Fun for about 45 seconds until you realise the creepy irony that the evil doers only get tougher to kill as the battles continue and eventually your guy with the shotgun gets nailed by a scud missle.

Good thing we don’t use shotguns to fight wars anymore, huh?

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